09 February 2011

Hello And Bordeaux

First off, i'm so excited to finally have a post up on my blog! I've been contemplating making a nail blog for a while, and i finally decided that i should just do it. So i'm starting off with something fairly simple- one of my favorite polishes! i figured i'd jump on the bandwagon of Valentine's day manicures, but i'm not really a Barbie-Pink nail polish kinda gal, so i went for something a little more refined by using a deep pretty red polish instead. The polish i used is Sally Hansen's Brilliant Bordeaux, and it's part of the Diamond Strength line of polishes.

This color is one of my favorites because it's a rich, dark polish while still reading as red in most lighting. For these pictures i did two fairly thick coats of this polish because i was having issues with streaking and uneven areas. Usually in the past i haven't had any problems with application, but since it was really cold today (and since i live in an older house, that means its cold inside too!) i'm inclined to believe that was the issue. But overall i've always had a great experience with this polish. I used one coat of SV.

Natural Light: 
In these pictures you can really see what a pretty deep red this is, and the nice amount of shimmer that is in the polish.

Indoor Artificial Light:
you can see that even in low lighting, this still reads very clearly as a red, and it isn't so dark that it can be mistaken for black.

 And last but certainly not least the bottle name shot! But what i really love about this picture is how you can see a hint of the gorgeous but subtle-only-visible-sometimes gold undertones in this polish that are slightly visible in the bottle.

And that concludes my very first blog post! Again i'm really excited to be starting this, and i'm grateful that you've taken the time to read my post. I have a bunch of plans for this blog, and i'm excited to show you some things i recently got that will really up my creative possibilities for nails.

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