14 March 2011

"Click your heels together three times..."

To be honest, i never really liked red polish. But China Glaze's Ruby Pumps has me converted! This is one of those amazing colors that you put on and just can't stop staring at your nails. It has this beautiful depth to it, and it's almost like it is lit from within, it's that glowy! There are so many gorgeous layers of glitter in this polish- it has red glitter which is suspended in the base, and then as i was removing it i noticed a layer of silver glitter which i think is what gives it such depth. I'll let the pictures do the talking, and i'll fill you in on details after you're done "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing over this color!

Yep, five pictures. I just couldn't narrow it down- there were too many gorgeous pictures of this polish! As for specifics, this is three coats of Ruby Pumps and i had no issues with application. I bought this polish in a blog sale, and now i'm sure i'll be searching for a back-up bottle, because this is probably the only red i'll find myself wearing. Overall, if you don't have this polish, get it- especially if you're a lover of reds, because you'll be mesmerized by the dimensionality of this color. It's one of those beautiful polishes that just can't truly ever be given justice in a photograph.

Do you like red polish, or do you think it's too bold? Do you own this polish? Is there a polish you love and wish you got a back-up of? Leave me a note in the comments and tell me about it! 


  1. Very pretty! I don't have this color, but I had it used for a pedicure once! It's gorgeous! "There's no place like home..." :) Love it!

  2. @Natalie- oh i could see it being such a great pedicure color! I never even thought about that! Thanks for the idea (:

  3. Your pictures are just gorgeous. I love them more and more!

  4. What a wonderful colour!!! Love it!


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