14 June 2011

OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry

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Holy gorgeous polish! Honestly, i didn't understand why this color was such a lemming for some people until i put the brush to the nail. I picked this color up on a whim because i recognized the name, stuck it in my untrieds bin and wrote it off as 'just another frosty mauve', figuring i could swap it away. Heavens no! I'm so glad i didn't swap this one without trying it first. Within the very first stroke of polish, my jaw dropped and i was oohhing and ahhing all over the place. Sure, when it's all said and done and you're looking at the color from a distance it looks like a pretty average, if a little frosty, mauve. But when you get it under proper lighting all these gorgeous micro glitter colors start showing up and it's amazing. I've never had the problem where i didn't want to stop adding coats because it was so pretty going on the nail, but with this color i do! Anywho, i'll stop blabbering and get onto the details. 

OPI's Meet Me On The Star Ferry is a red leaning purple filled to the brim with multi-colored micro glitter (or shimmer, i'm not quite sure). There are flashes of red, green, gold, blue, pink, and more. In my pictures I have three coats on my nails, but it is easily opaque in just two coats. Application couldn't have been easier- the smooth formula went on wonderfully with OPI's Pro-Wide brush. These swatches have Orly Bonder Base Coat but no topcoat.

What do you think of multi-colored polishes like this? Would you purchase a polish that looks average except for under certain lighting (in which it looks amazing)? Do you own this polish? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

OPI nail polishes can be purchased from various beauty e-tailers, Amazon, and ebay, along with salons in most areas. US retail price for OPI polishes is $8.50. Meet Me On The Star Ferry is from the Hong Kong Collection. Availability depend on where you purchase and stock in your area.


  1. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy this the last time I saw it! It's gorgeous!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out if I want this polish or not! I pick it up everytime I go into Ulta. I think I will have to take the plunge next time!

  3. Really pretty color, I like it.

  4. This wasn't on my wishlist until now. I would definitely buy this even if it only looks amazing under certain lights. I like that it's beauty is hidden. Am I reading too much into this polish? Haha. Love it, want it, gotta have it. :)

  5. Yes, I would absolutely buy it! And this polish looks so good :D

  6. This is so pretty...

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