01 December 2011

Nail Polish Collection & Organization II

So for the past few months I've been avoiding the massive mess that was my polishing desk. See, my stash outgrew my storage, and instead of using more bins or getting a melmer, I had my sights set on the one and only beautiful Ikea 9-Drawer Alex. The problem was that I live more than five hours away from the nearest Ikea- so I had to wait for the opportunity of a free weekend to make the long trip. So my polish sat on the desk in piles, stuffed into bins and boxes gathering dust and not being loved properly- I just couldn't bring myself to tackle the mess without the hope of a new home for my polishes.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel- I eventually did make the journey to Ikea (which was awesome, by the way!) and came home with my dream nail polish storage unit. After assembling, organizing, and cooing over all the little polishes in my stash, I just had to document it and share it with all of you! And if you're interested in seeing how my polish collection has grown since the last time I did a post about storage, you can click here.

And as a special treat I also have something I don't usually do for my blog- I made a video! If you like seeing something more interactive than just pictures, you can take a few minutes and watch the video of me giving a little tour of my Alex. 

I know there's a lot of debate over whether to go with the Helmer or the Alex from Ikea, and after seeing the in-store displays and testing drawers and stability I was even more in favor of the Alex. The Helmer is a lot smaller and less expensive, but seemed like it would fall over if I pulled out a fully loaded drawer.  My stash certainly isn't the size that most people expect for bloggers with the Alex, but I figured it would give me room to grow and also allow space for nail polish packing supplies, all my removers, nail art supplies, and my little make-up stash. Plus, it felt a lot sturdier and seemed more versatile in the long run. But, to each her own- the Helmer happens to be the perfect fit for lots and lots of nail bloggers. I'm just sharing why I chose what I did!

How do you store your nail polish? Have you outgrown your storage before, or do you just purge polishes once you get close to the limit? Expect another post tomorrow, and thanks for reading!


  1. Omg you are so cute! And such a baby! I had to check your profile to see how old you were. You must get that a lot, that you look younger than you really are. That'll get even better years down the road! ;) great video!

  2. I am definately on the Alex side of the fence. Still don't have one though I'm settling for the Ikea Lennart's at the moment.

  3. I really enjoyed the video and I'm drooling over your polish collection :D
    I still haven't got any Ikea storage solution, but the Helmer is on my wishlist, because I'll never be able to fill such a huge unit (even if I'd like to :D).
    I'm happy to finally see your face btw, you look so much younger than you really are! Hope to hear from you soon Abby :)
    Have a nice day!

  4. Leslie & Elsa: People on the internet always say I look so much younger than I am! haha!

    @Cat The Lennart looks pretty nice actually- good for a medium sized collection, plus it's probably nice to look over and actually be able to see the polish!

    @Elsa Aw, haha thank you! The helmer is pretty cute in person, and it has way more customization options than the alex- so many people have put pretty scrapbook paper or fabric onto their helmers :)


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