03 October 2011

Butter London: No More Waity Katie

Butter London has been a brand that I've heard a variety of reviews on- especially this particular shade. No More Waity Katie came into my possession when I spotted it on a "quick" trip to ULTA on Saturday (these trips are rarely quick, and usually accompanied by more of my money leaving my wallet than originally planned!). There was just one lonely bottle of Wallis left in the display, and I promptly snatched it up, giddy with excitement. Butter London is one of the few brands that gets my sister really excited about nail polish, and so when I showed her my find her eyes lit up and she immediately followed me to the display. "Do they have No More Waity Katie? I read about it on a blog and it's so pretty!". In my excitement to find Wallis I had completely forgotten the other Butter London polish I've been lemming after. Lo and behold there were several bottles of NMWK, and one made it safely home with me in a pastel pink ULTA bag. 

No More Waity Katie has been described as a smokey gray purple base with small pastel purple hexagonal glitter. On it's own it reaches semi-opacity at around four coats. A Lot of reviews of NMWK say that it's almost glue like in application and an overall disappointment. I however adore it. I'm a huge fan of smokey, muted colors and this one was right up my alley. It plays to my edgy/chic tastes while still letting me have some girly fun with glitter. 

Since NMWK is known to be sheer I decided to skip the hassle of multiple layers of glitter by layering it. But what to layer it over? I have seen swatches of it over deep purples, blues, pastels.. but I wanted something that would remain true to the polish's bottle color so I shopped my stash and found Katie's perfect mate- Zoya Caitlin. Caitlin was the perfect smokey, muted, purple base to wear under this glitter, and with just two coats of each polish I had a beautiful manicure that was an exact match to NMWK's bottle color. I topped everything off with a nice glossy coat of Poshe, and I was good to go.

In the last picture you can really see what a great match these two polishes are! I'm surprised I haven't read about someone layering these two together yet.

Do you own any Butter London polishes? Do you think they're worth the higher price tag? What's your opinion on No More Waity Katie? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!