19 February 2012

Essence Forget-Me-Not

The nearest ULTA to me has a very limited selection of Essence polishes, and hardly ever gets any of the limited edition collections. This really bums me out because Essence has such a lovely, affordable line of polishes with a great formula and brushes that I tend to love. My ULTA did however get the 'Blossoms Ect..' line by Essence and I quickly snatched up a bottle of the very periwinkle Forget-Me-Not. The blue shimmer is what ultimately sealed the purchase of the polish for me- even though I don't wear blues very often (hardly ever!) I have this weird need to buy any blue polish that catches my fancy. Okay, that's it. I think I need to do a blue-polish-week sometime soon to justify this polish buying quirk of mine! In the meantime though, please scroll down for some swatch-candy courtesy of Forget-Me-Not.

This is three medium coats of Forget-Me-Not. The formula was a little runny and I found that it was a little too-easy to have areas of patchiness or dragging with the combination of thin polish and a slightly stiff brush. The shimmer really showed up in the second coat. This polish leans a bit more purple than I thought it would, but it still is a nice periwinkle color.

Overall the more purple cast to this polish makes it a tad more wearable for my personal preferences. The  vibrant shimmer that is visible in the bottle makes a lack-luster appearance on the nail but is still noticeable. My pictures of this polish are slightly off- it's much more purple and a little darker in person than in the photos.

What is your opinion on Essence polishes? Do you have access to the full range of colors, or do you live in an area that's lacking? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

(p.s. mini story tangent.. I tried spelling 'courtesy' like 10 times while writing this blog post, and spell check kept telling me that I was trying to spell 'curtsey'. Broke down and went to google for help. I ended up spelling it correctly the first time I typed it into the search without even thinking how to spell it. Gee, thanks for finally kicking in brain!!)

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