22 February 2012

Orly Rococo A-Go-Go

The amount of gorgeous micro glitter packed into this polish should be criminal. I feel like micro-glitter is real glitter's little sister who's just a little bit prettier, a little bit more friendly, and who always seems to look fabulous. Not only does it add just the right amount of sparkle to some polishes, but removal is much easier than heavy glitter and application tends to be smoother. And I'm definitely showing some favoritism between these siblings. Orly Rococo A-Go-Go is vampy deep burgundy color with fuschia and gold shimmer and micro-glitter that give it glow from within.

This is two coats of Rococo A-Go-Go. Application was easy peasy, but removal left shimmer all over my cuticles- bummer! But totally worth it for how completely stunning this polish is. I'm definitely not regretting adding this polish to my collection. Most of the colors from the Orly Mineral FX collection are gorgeous as well.

Do you prefer micro-glitter or regular glitter in polishes? Did you pick up any of the Mineral FX collection?  Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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