10 November 2012

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi + Puppies!

It's been a while since I've really lemmed a polish from a recent collection, but I was willing to re-arrange my OPI drawer to make room for the color I'm showing you today. This pretty polish is a mix between pastel lavender and a dusty pink with plenty of white flecked shimmer and is a subtle palate cleanser without being boring or plain.

The following swatch is three thin coats of OPI's Pedal Faster Suzi with base and top coat. I had a slight issue with it dragging and being streaky, so I suggest either the topcoat-sandwich method or waiting a while between coats.

This a very nice neutral pink color, and the hint of lavender helps it from being too bubblegum. I wore this polish to go look at Bernese Mountain Dog puppies with my family and I feel completely obligated to share the adorableness that ensued! Lovelies, meet Sophie and Molly, our two newest additions to the family.

Aren't they the absolute cutest?! Sophie is the one looking at the camera and Molly is the sleepy one in the corner. So there you go, your daily dose of nail polish AND adorable!

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  1. wow 2 giant dogs?!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such a beautiful breed!


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