17 November 2012

Rainbow Honey Koi Pond

The indie polish trend has been around for a while, but out of the dozens of Etsy style shops a few true businesses and new brands are emerging. Rainbow Honey Cosmetics is one of the more professional hand-mixed nail laquer companies that I've come across, and I've heard great things about their customer service and products. I'm past the "must acquire everything" phase of my collection so unless I am completely in love with a polish I don't buy it. So no matter how many indie polish brands have tempted me with pretty colors this is only the second (out of two) hand-mixed lacquer I've purchased... and I bought it from a blog sale! Yep, I couldn't bring myself to spend the full amount on a retail bottle, but I caved when a discounted bottle was put up on Tracy's blog sale.

Koi Pond is from the Sakura Matsuri Collection and is loaded with orange, cobalt, turquoise, gold, and green glitter of various sizes. It definitely reminds me of it's namesake with all the colors of glitter and the hints of orange! I've layered two "dabbing" style coats over a base of NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme in my swatches below. This is definitely a thirsty glitter! The swatches below have two coats of top coat, but it needs a coat of Gelous to smooth it out. Looks like it's time for me to finally purchase a bottle!

I'm impressed with the packaging on the bottle. Even though I bought mine from a blog sale and it didn't have the signature cutout white box, the aesthetic of the bottle and logo are nice. I like how it's labelled on the top of the bottle instead of the bottom; It makes it easy to identify in the drawer! The clear label that the Rainbow Honey logo is printed on has a few air bubbles, but it's mainly just the perfectionist in me that makes it a tiny issue.

I really like this polish, and I'm pleased with the quality as well. Now that I've tried their polish, I'm tempted to try the cuticle balm stick Rainbow Honey offers as well. I've heard of bloggers using unscented chapstick (like the soft lips brand) as an on-the-go no mess cuticle moisturizer, so I think the idea of an actual cuticle balm in a stick is a great idea!

If you'd like a bottle of Rainbow Honey Koi Pond for yourself, you can purchase it on the Rainbow Honey website for $10 USD.

Disclaimer: I purchased Koi Pond with my own money from a blog sale. I am in no way affiliated with Rainbow Honey Cosmetics, I just like the polish! I've included links to add to your convenience, I do not benefit in any way if you click or use them.

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