25 December 2012

I Love NP's Christmas In Bordeux

Merry Christmas to all my fellow celebrators! I hope you've all had a cozy morning with your families, and enjoy the rest of the holiday. I have a very holiday nail polish to share with you from the brand I Love NP.

Christmas in Bordeaux is a festive glitter polish filled with squares and hexes in gold, green, and red. It's a nice density and easy to apply. I used Essie Lollipop as a base for the red nails and OPI Funny Bunny for the white nails. I topped everything with three coats of Christmas in Bordeaux because I wanted my nails to be super sparkly!

The packing on these polishes is simply divine! I adore the matte black box each bottle comes in, and each box has a heart cut out and is professionally printed with the brand's details. I wish the sticker with the name of the polish that's on the bottom of the box was on the top, but it's a minor detail. The bottle itself is a nice heavy weight that feels sturdy and is capped with a rubberized handle brush that is a great width for painting. The formula is smooth and provides a great variety of glitter without any fishing. The only complaint I have is that this polish stinks! Even after a few hours of applying it had the same stinky smell it did when I was using it. It must be the suspension base, but it doesn't smell like any other indies or topcoats I have. It does dissipate over several hours though (like overnight) so it's not going to be there for the duration of your manicure. Despite the odor this is a fantastic glitter polish and I definitely won't hesitate to buy from this brand again. The professionalism in the packing and attention to detail is fantastic and worth every penny! Speaking of which, I Love NP polishes cost $10.00 USD and can be purchased from her Etsy shop.

Have you tried any of I Love NP's polishes? How are you spending Christmas of 2012? Leave me a comment and let me know. Happy holidays everyone, and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchased this polish with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the websites linked. I do not profit in any way if you click or use the links provided.

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