01 December 2012

Lynnderella Matter of the Heart

Ah, Lynnderella polishes. I've only ever lemmed a few (since I hate removing glitter) but the drama surrounding the brand in the past and the crazy ordering practices turned me off from every trying to acquire any of the ones I liked. But once she started selling BIN individual bottles on ebay I couldn't resist. This was the first "indie" laquer I'd ever purchased, and it was almost as expensive as a Chanel! haha! Granted, it was a very late night purchase, and we all know that late night shopping is never a good idea ;)

I'm wearing three 'dabbing' style coats of Matter of the Heart over two coats of OPI Done out in Deco. A couple coats of Gelous and NYC Grand Central Station later, it's glass smooth and just as shiny. I didn't have too much trouble getting a lot of glitters from the bottle but I did have to fish a little for the hearts. I was tempted to add a coat of China Glaze Fairy dust, but I refrained so that MotH would be the focus.

Overall I'm really happy I bought this polish because it's unique and it's fun to know I'm wearing a polish that was created by a fellow lover of polish, as all indie brands are. Now I'm just looking forward to the inevitable "What polish is that?" question, and watching them look confused when I say "Lynnderella"! You gotta live for the little amusements folks.

What's your favorite indie glitter bomb? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchased this polish with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the websites linked. I do not profit in any way if you click or use the links provided.

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