22 December 2012

Spice It Up with Nails Inc. Glitters!

I exchanged holiday gifts with my best friend this week, and two of the things she got for me were nail polishes! And not just any nail polish... polish she knew I wanted and didn't have because she had been paying attention during shopping trips! Am I lucky to have a polish bestie or what? She got me two of the Nails Inc. cupcake sprinkle polishes; Sugar House Lane and Sweets Way.

The swatch I'll be showing you today is three coats of Sugar House Lane. This polish is made up of small silver and black hex glitters suspended in a pink tinted gray base. I used CND Sticky as a base coat for these swatches and Gelous and Poshe as top coats. Two coats of Gelous completely smoothed out any roughness from the glitter.

I was very impressed at how dense the glitter was in this polish, and I didn't have to do any special application techniques when painting to get an even distribution over my nail. It was fairly opaque at two coats but I wanted an additional layer of depth to the glitter so I added a third. As soon as I started painting my best friend remarked that it looked like salt and pepper on my nails (hence the post title), and I had to agree! It also reminds me of a granite countertop or those sparkle flakes people throw onto their garage floors when re-finishing them. I hope at least one of you knows what I'm talking about with the garage flakes haha!

Glitter polish usually wears like iron on me, and this one is no exception. I did have one chip on my left middle finger during an especially intense game of spoons in which I got tackled.... twice. I also got elbowed in the ribs, but that didn't damage my polish! haha! Despite the casualty spoons is still an awesome game and I'm willing to risk a chipped nail to beat someone to a spoon ;)

What's your favorite card game? Leave me a comment below and let me know! I hope you're all having an excellent week, and thank for reading!

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