31 January 2012

Blog Changes + Daily Posts in February

I'm not going to go into a huge paragraph about why I stopped blogging, or what motivated me to resume. Because honestly every time I see a blogger return from hiatus the followers just seem to be happy there are more pretty polish pictures to look at and they aren't judgmental or nosy as to why the person was gone- They're just glad polish is bringing that blogger joy again. And that's why I love this community. The people/readers/bloggers are genuinely nice and considerate.

Now that that is out of the way, I'm happy to share all the changes and exciting things I'll be doing this month on my blog. First up is the new commenting system! I've heard lots of complaints about blogger's commenting system and although I hadn't had any issues with it personally, I decided to go ahead and switch over to Disqus during my hiatus while my comment system didn't have a lot of activity- Just to avoid any future possible problems that could have arisen.

Second is that I will be posting daily in February!  Yep, from the 1st to the 29th there will be a post on my blog every day. I've failed in the past about daily posting but this time I'm guaranteed to succeed because I have a vault of complete posts waiting in drafts just in case I'm unable to do a 'this-day-daily' post. That way there will always, always be a post up every day no matter what. Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays will be swatch posts. My swatches will be a mix of different brands and collections as I try to go through all my unswatched/untried polishes. Wednesdays will be a mix of swatch days and product review days on days that I have something to actually review! Mondays will be nail art posts and Fridays will be the return of Color Cues.

Third is that all my pages are in the process of being updated and given a facelift! I'm trying to make my blog more cohesive and fun to browse for my readers, and hopefully you'll find something interesting on each page. I'll also be adding some polishes to my swap page so if you like to swap feel free to check out that page throughout February!

And last but not least is a brand-new project that I've developed in hopes of both reducing the funds I spend on polish, and making other nail bloggers happy with custom affordable blog headers. If you want to update your blog and give it a fresh look and you happen to have a bottle of polish to spare, feel free to click on the handy-dandy button below or the matching one in my sidebar for more details!

Well lacquer lovers, that's it for this post and for January. I'll see you tomorrow and every day in February after that!

20 January 2012

Stinkin' GFC! Follow Me with Bloglovin' too!

Just a super super duper quickie post here on a Friday (TGIF btw! acronyms much?) just to let you know that since a bunch of changes have been made about following on GFC, I've now jumped on the bandwagon (and i can't believe how pretty this bandwagon is- I'm kinda loving bloglovin'...) and you can now follow my blog via Bloglovin'. Click!

Also, I'm not dead.

I'll be posting an update post with all sorts of schtuff soon :) And it involves all your favorite things... reviews, nail art, swatches.. I know, I know, calm down. It'll be ok.

03 January 2012

Nicole by OPI Kim-Pletely In Love

Out of the two Kardashian polishes I purchased, I thought for sure that Kim-Pletely in Love would be my favorite. And while it's certainly a stunning and unique pale pink, it was eclipsed by my love of white polishes and ultimately was forced to accept a close second place. However even though it didn't win, this polish is still a beauty with it's soft girly color and subtle baby blue shimmer.

Kim-Pletely In Love's application went fairly smoothly, but I was instantly in doubt of it's ability to reach opacity as I was applying the first coat. In fact, I was pretty shocked when the polish built easily and reached full opacity in four coats. There was no base coat or top coat used in this swatch.

Did you pick up Kim-Pletely In Love from this collection? If you did, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

02 January 2012

Nicole by OPI It's All About The Glam

I have to admit that when news broke that the Kardashians would be collaborating with Nicole by OPI on a nail polish collection, I wasn't the least bit interested. But when swatches started coming out and some of the colors were downright gorgeous, I put aside my distaste for the name on the tag and scooped up two colors for my collection. This was the first time I had ever given in and purchased the infamous 'saggy boob bottle'- and surprisingly, I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. It gets put in the drawer with other random bottles, and I doubt I'll ever have a large enough collection of Nicole by OPI to warrant moving it from that drawer. Anywho, one thing I definitely don't regret is purchasing It's All About The Glam - a lovely soft white that doesn't read as stark on the nails, and it has a really subtle but distinct shimmer that sets it apart from any other white polish in my collection.

All About The Glam applied without any major issues, and it was easy to control where the polish went on my nails. Overall the consistency was pretty much on target for what I like to work with. The only downside I found was that even after four coats the polish still wasn't very even. This could be because I chose to use thinner coats- maybe next time I'll try a couple thicker coats and see how the finished look improves. I found the brush in the Nicole bottles to be easy to work with and fan out over the nail. This swatch is four coats with no base or top coat. 

Did you purchase any of the Kardashian polishes? Oh, and does anyone else find the Nicole bottle to be as awkward and strange to hold for pictures as I did?! Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!