03 March 2012

So Frustrated! +Update

So, right as I'm getting back into the swing of blogging and doing my nails, my old Dell laptop decides to be a butt and quit on me. The battery refuses to charge or recognize the charger, and this seems to be a common problem. All I do on my Dell is use the photo editing software to edit my blog pictures and work on layouts for my blog. Little graphics things. So now I have no way to edit my blog photos ):

Luckily, I have my beautiful, wonderful, always working, never making stupid PC errors, Macbook Pro. But now I have to get a photo editing program for my Mac, which I know is going to be ridiculously expensive (any suggestions? Photoshop is ideal, but pricey!).

So until I can find a way to edit photos, I can't do posts. I'm really, really upset by this. Hopefully I can find a solution and fast!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as always <3