25 December 2012

I Love NP's Christmas In Bordeux

Merry Christmas to all my fellow celebrators! I hope you've all had a cozy morning with your families, and enjoy the rest of the holiday. I have a very holiday nail polish to share with you from the brand I Love NP.

Christmas in Bordeaux is a festive glitter polish filled with squares and hexes in gold, green, and red. It's a nice density and easy to apply. I used Essie Lollipop as a base for the red nails and OPI Funny Bunny for the white nails. I topped everything with three coats of Christmas in Bordeaux because I wanted my nails to be super sparkly!

The packing on these polishes is simply divine! I adore the matte black box each bottle comes in, and each box has a heart cut out and is professionally printed with the brand's details. I wish the sticker with the name of the polish that's on the bottom of the box was on the top, but it's a minor detail. The bottle itself is a nice heavy weight that feels sturdy and is capped with a rubberized handle brush that is a great width for painting. The formula is smooth and provides a great variety of glitter without any fishing. The only complaint I have is that this polish stinks! Even after a few hours of applying it had the same stinky smell it did when I was using it. It must be the suspension base, but it doesn't smell like any other indies or topcoats I have. It does dissipate over several hours though (like overnight) so it's not going to be there for the duration of your manicure. Despite the odor this is a fantastic glitter polish and I definitely won't hesitate to buy from this brand again. The professionalism in the packing and attention to detail is fantastic and worth every penny! Speaking of which, I Love NP polishes cost $10.00 USD and can be purchased from her Etsy shop.

Have you tried any of I Love NP's polishes? How are you spending Christmas of 2012? Leave me a comment and let me know. Happy holidays everyone, and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchased this polish with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the websites linked. I do not profit in any way if you click or use the links provided.

22 December 2012

Spice It Up with Nails Inc. Glitters!

I exchanged holiday gifts with my best friend this week, and two of the things she got for me were nail polishes! And not just any nail polish... polish she knew I wanted and didn't have because she had been paying attention during shopping trips! Am I lucky to have a polish bestie or what? She got me two of the Nails Inc. cupcake sprinkle polishes; Sugar House Lane and Sweets Way.

The swatch I'll be showing you today is three coats of Sugar House Lane. This polish is made up of small silver and black hex glitters suspended in a pink tinted gray base. I used CND Sticky as a base coat for these swatches and Gelous and Poshe as top coats. Two coats of Gelous completely smoothed out any roughness from the glitter.

I was very impressed at how dense the glitter was in this polish, and I didn't have to do any special application techniques when painting to get an even distribution over my nail. It was fairly opaque at two coats but I wanted an additional layer of depth to the glitter so I added a third. As soon as I started painting my best friend remarked that it looked like salt and pepper on my nails (hence the post title), and I had to agree! It also reminds me of a granite countertop or those sparkle flakes people throw onto their garage floors when re-finishing them. I hope at least one of you knows what I'm talking about with the garage flakes haha!

Glitter polish usually wears like iron on me, and this one is no exception. I did have one chip on my left middle finger during an especially intense game of spoons in which I got tackled.... twice. I also got elbowed in the ribs, but that didn't damage my polish! haha! Despite the casualty spoons is still an awesome game and I'm willing to risk a chipped nail to beat someone to a spoon ;)

What's your favorite card game? Leave me a comment below and let me know! I hope you're all having an excellent week, and thank for reading!

16 December 2012

Essie Rock the Croc

After much fiddling I finally got my SD card to work! woohoo! So here you go.. my less than stellar swatch of Essie Rock The Croc; It's a slightly muddied red that leans sheer. This swatch is three coats but for full opacity I recommend doing four.

Quick post today.. I hope you're all having a nice weekend and enjoying your last few hours before Monday morning. Thanks for reading!

15 December 2012

Technical Difficulties! (We all have 'em)

I'm so bummed- there won't be a post today just like there wasn't a post last week. My macbook refuses to recognize my camera's SD card. I was having trouble with this a few weeks ago but I thought it had resolved itself since it has been working fine for a while now, but apparently I was wrong. I'm hoping it's not a problem with my macbook :/ Please bear with me, and if I can get it to work I'll have a swatch post (It's an Essie!) and a nail art post (yup, both weeks had posts planned!) up either later tonight or early next week.

Also, if anyone has had this happen to them before, did you figure out what was wrong or how to remedy it? Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

01 December 2012

Lynnderella Matter of the Heart

Ah, Lynnderella polishes. I've only ever lemmed a few (since I hate removing glitter) but the drama surrounding the brand in the past and the crazy ordering practices turned me off from every trying to acquire any of the ones I liked. But once she started selling BIN individual bottles on ebay I couldn't resist. This was the first "indie" laquer I'd ever purchased, and it was almost as expensive as a Chanel! haha! Granted, it was a very late night purchase, and we all know that late night shopping is never a good idea ;)

I'm wearing three 'dabbing' style coats of Matter of the Heart over two coats of OPI Done out in Deco. A couple coats of Gelous and NYC Grand Central Station later, it's glass smooth and just as shiny. I didn't have too much trouble getting a lot of glitters from the bottle but I did have to fish a little for the hearts. I was tempted to add a coat of China Glaze Fairy dust, but I refrained so that MotH would be the focus.

Overall I'm really happy I bought this polish because it's unique and it's fun to know I'm wearing a polish that was created by a fellow lover of polish, as all indie brands are. Now I'm just looking forward to the inevitable "What polish is that?" question, and watching them look confused when I say "Lynnderella"! You gotta live for the little amusements folks.

What's your favorite indie glitter bomb? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchased this polish with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the websites linked. I do not profit in any way if you click or use the links provided.