26 January 2013

China Glaze For Audrey

Why must gorgeous blue teals like this one always give me lobster hands? I really like these colors and I actually own a few polishes like this one, but I hardly ever wear them because of how it makes my fingers look ruddy. China Glaze For Audrey is a fan favorite China Glaze polish and it's modelled after Tiffany blue, but all of you already know that. This is two coats over one coat of OPI Nail Envy, no top coat. Please excuse the rough cuticles, doing shipment at work is not kind to my hands!

What polish colors do you love but don't mesh well with your skintone? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

*This post was supposed to be published on Wednesday but my computer wouldn't recognize my camera's SD card ): so there will be multiple posts today!

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