10 January 2013

Get your Flu Shot Folks.

I wanted to have a post up today but the flu hit me yesterday morning. I've been trying to do posts as I paint my nails so they're time accurate, but it's hard to find motivation and not be nauseated by the smell of polish with a fever of 102.7 degrees (and that's with two doses of tylenol in me). I should be improved by Saturday so I can do a post that day. I'll be making up today's missing post with an additional post next week. I appreciate the understanding, and I'm sure you all know how frustrating it is to be sick! <3

On another note, I'm really enjoying OPI Nail Envy as my base coat. The nail art I did at the end of last week is still going strong, with only a minor chip on my right thumb and light tipwear due to not wrapping my tips very well. I'm impressed so far!

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