22 January 2013

My Favorite Cuticle and Hand Products

Quick post tonight because I really, really like wearing OPI Diva of Geneva and I couldn't bring myself to take it off and re-paint my nails today! So instead I get to share my favorite hand lotion and cuticle balm with you guys!

I actually got this hand lotion as a gift for free from my job at Bath & Body Works. It's the True Blue Spa Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion. Whew, that's a mouthful! I really like this lotion because it has a very light citrus scent that's not overpowering, and it absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave hands feeling greasy. Plus, it works really well at softening my cuticles and moisturizing any dry areas on my hands.

The only downside is that it's a bit pricey at $12 USD for 2.5 oz. However, I'll give you an insider tip! We usually have the minis of this product priced at 3 for $12, and you actually get half an ounce more product for your money if you purchase the three mini tubes rather than the one large tube. Plus the minis are perfect for your purse! Another tip- if you try this out and really like it, we sell a 5oz size for $18.50 and it's the best value per ounce out of all the other size options. When I run out of this product I'll definitely be purchasing the large version. And with all the coupons and offers BBW has you're bound to get a couple bucks off the full price depending on how smart you are with your timing!

My other must-have item is probably the most common cuticle product in the nail community so it should come as no surprise that it's Lush Lemony Flutter! I got this product for my birthday last summer, and it really works for healing rough cuticles in just a few days. It's pretty amazing stuff! I don't like how greasy it is, and how I kind of have to stop and allot 10 minutes to not touch things and let it soak in, but it's completely worth it for the benefit it provides.

Again, this product is kind of pricey and retails for $17 at Lush. I don't have a Lush store anywhere near me so I also have to factor in shipping and handling from ordering online. On the plus side, a tub will last you a really long time. Mine expires roughly a year from it's purchase date and I don't doubt at all that it will last until then!

Do you use either of these products? If you haven't tried the lotion, I encourage you to stop by your local Bath & Body Works and test it out! Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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