28 January 2013

Nail Art: Grid to my Heart

I've seemed to make late night posting a habit! Although I must say it's mostly due to the fact that my mother and I have become addicted to Downton Abbey and have been catching up on on Hulu. We just finished season two, so no spoilers! haha!

I did my mom's nails earlier this evening (it's something we do every Monday night) and she requested some nail art for this week's manicure. And not just nail art, but she specifically requested that it be fast nail art. If you have ever spent time doing nail art on your nails you know it's not usually associated with the word fast. I decided that a simple criss cross design and a little contrasting heart on her ring fingers would be one of the quickest, most eye catching designs I could do quickly. She likes very noticeable nail art because her store customers really enjoy seeing what is on her nails!

I used Essence's Sweet as Candy for the sheer base, and Lilla's Smalto 35. The Lilla is a beautiful purple polish that my best friend brought back for me from her trip to Italy! I used a basic white striping polish for the white lines. I think I'll be treating my mom to a full spa manicure next monday.. I feel horrible that her cuticles aren't in tip top shape when I'm right here to treat her to it!

Do you enjoy doing someone else's nails, or is it a hobby you have for just your personal enjoyment? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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