06 January 2013

Nail Art: Sunrise Stripes

The funny thing about inspiration is that it never really comes to you the exact same way twice. Sure, it's easy to peruse nail art boards on Pinterest and find several gorgeous manicures thought up by much more talented girls than myself that I would love to replicate, but there is something much more satisfying about finding inspiration for a manicure idea that is all your own.

I found my inspiration for today's manicure by browsing the blog of a clothing website I frequent to see when the winner of a contest would be announced. I definitely wasn't there looking for nail art ideas, but one found me none the less. As soon as I saw the picture below, I instantly saw it in terms of nail polish colors (I can't be the only nail blogger who does this!). A background of Zoya Caitlin with various metallics layered in thin, 'dry brush' style stripes.

Image Credit: Threadsence
My nail art skill set is lacking, but since I had just purchased my first real set of nail art brushes I figured it would be a fairly easy manicure to execute so I gave it a try. I haven't done nail art in a long time so I'm a little rusty, but I really like the results and I hope you do too!

The base is three coats of Zoya Caitlin, and I used the following polishes to add the stripes: Icing's Chrome Green, Icing's Chrome Copper, Pure Ice Busted, China Glaze Admire, China Glaze Harmony, Orly Luxe, and BK Crystal Sand. The entire manicure is topped off with a coat of Poshe. I wish I was a little more patient and skilled so that I could have done thinner and softer stripes, but practice makes perfect. This was overall really easy nail art and it made for a sparkly yet subtle manicure.

What's your favorite way to find inspiration for nail art? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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