03 January 2013

Nail Care Haul: New Products To Try!

So I'm always really excited to try new nail and cuticle care products, and these are some I've been hankering to buy for what seems like forever! I went to ULTA yesterday and picked up OPI Nail Envy and CND Solar Oil (the mini one), and I got Rainbow Honey's Cuticle Balm in my Christmas stocking.

So far I'm liking the RH Cuticle Balm for quick touch-up moisturizing on the go and it's a perfect thing to throw in my purse. It's not as heavy duty as Lemony Flutter, but that is to be expected. I like RH for daytime use and I stick with LF for my morning and night time cuticle regimens.

As for OPI Nail Envy, this is a product I've been really really wanting to try! My nails have always been prone to tears and peeling so I'm interested to see if this product will help strengthen them so I can grow them out strong! I know it's going to take a couple months of consistent use to really see a true change but I'm willing to give it a go.

This is another product I've heard glowing review about, so might as well add it to my cuticle product stash! I really want my cuticles to be in tip-top shape for swatching and pictures. They tend to dry out pretty quickly so maybe adding an oil will help them retain some moisture.

Once I can get these products into my routine and use them for over a month or so I think I want to do a post about what products I use! There are a couple ones I've never mentioned on the blog and it seems like a blogger-rite-of-passage type post so I guess I should have done one a while back! Anyone interested in a post like that?

Do you own any of these products, or are you dying to try them as well? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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