13 January 2013

OPI's I'd Like To Thank...

Goodness gracious, what a week of decongestants and medicines will do to dry out your skin is crazy! I've been moisturizing like nuts but my cuticles are going to take a while of some babying to recover, so please forgive any little dry or rough bits you happen to notice in today's swatch. Speaking of which, today's swatch is of OPI's I'd Like To Thank... which is a polish I acquired a couple years back in a vacation haul from a dusty. I picked it up because it had a strong duochrome in the bottle but unfortunately it doesn't translate onto the nail. It's a reddish pink frost (although not outrageously frosty) that has green and pink micro flecks that catch the light (you can see a bit of it on the pinky!). I'm not a fan of frosts but this color is actually pretty flattering and makes my fingers look long and lean which is always a bonus! I didn't really have a problem with too many brushstrokes being visible in person even though you can see some in the picture below. This is two coats with an easy and cooperative formula.

Granted it's probably not everyone's cup of tea but I'll be keeping this one in my collection for now. I have a feeling it'll look even prettier with a bit of a summer tan! Thanks for reading!

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