12 February 2013

China Glaze Pom Pom

Oh how I lemmed for this polish! I finally got it in a blog sale, and then it sat untried in my stash for so, so long. But now it's tried, and it's every bit as sparkly as I hoped it would be. China Glaze Pom Pom is a medium purple leaning pink polish that is packed with small silver hex glitters and silver microglitters. This is three coats plus top coat. Application was easy and I didn't have any trouble with glitter dispersement or placement. The finish isn't extremely gritty but I would probably add either another coat of top coat or one coat of Gelous to make it as smooth as glass.

When I wear this polish next I will definitely be layering it. Not because it's not opaque, but because I think the final effect lacks depth. I think it would be twice, if not three times prettier if sandwiched between a few squishy jelly layers!

What are some previous lemmings that you've been able to add to your collection? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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