26 February 2013

Nail Polish Obsession Tag + Video!

I first came across this tag from the Nail Polish of Pretty Little Liars tumblr, and decided to do it! I also made a video of this tag which I'll embed at the bottom of this post. However I've included a couple additional questions not featured in the video that are exclusive to here on my blog!

Favorite nail polish brand?
Hm.. tricky question considering there are so many factors in determining a favorite! I'm going to break it down into smaller categories, because no brand has all the qualities I like for every color. For my favorite brush I'd have to say OPI, for my favorite formula I choose Deborah Lippmann (at least all the ones I own are great), and for color originality I'll hand it to China Glaze. With all the indie-style glitters they've been putting out along with the holographics, China Glaze has really upped their game lately!

Glitter or no glitter?
Although you all know that I am pretty much obsessed with anything that sparkles, I have to say no glitter! The foil method is still too much of a pain-in-the-butt for me to do it regularly, and I almost always end up picking my glitter polish off which is terrible for my nails. I am curious about the whole rubber finger protector version of glitter removal though- have any of you tried it? Is it easier than the foil method?

When or how often do you change your nail polish?
I actually don't change my polish as often as I think most other nail bloggers do. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to wearing a bunch of manicures in one week! I prefer to have a swatch-a-thon and have pictures/swatches stored up to do posts with then to change my mani every day. Sometimes I just really, really like the polish I'm wearing and I don't want to take it off until I have to! My usual mani time is three to four days, or longer if I'm wearing nail art.

What's your favorite color on your nails?
Purples! I think pinks are especially flattering on my skintone, but my heart goes out to the purples in my collection. If I could wear OPI's Houston we have a Purple every day and not be bored with it, I probably would!

Darks or brights?
Darks all the way. Most of my collection is darker colors, and I'm hardly ever drawn to the bright shades in polish collections. There are a few exceptions (like in summer) but most of my polish choices are darker, richer shades.

What color are you wearing on your nails right now?
Nothing! I just got home from doing box-up at work, so I didn't polish my nails because I would just be digging through product and putting it all in cardboard boxes and it's too much of a chip-risk. I'll definitely be polishing my nails tonight after Pretty Little Liars though, and I'm thinking that I want to use the new China Glaze bits and pieces glitter I purchased a few weeks ago!

Matte Nails: are they in or are they out?
I think in the mainstream magazine world they'd be "out", but matte nails aren't a fad or trend among those of us who are polish lovers! I just consider them to be another type of finish that you can use to change the look of your manicure easily. I enjoy my matte top coat and won't be getting rid of it any time soon!

What's your opinion on the french manicure?
It depends on how it is being worn. I'm definitely not a fan of the obviously fake acrylic french with inch long white tips on a 1mm bright pink nail bed. But I do think that a natural looking french with a nice soft pink and white can be very classic and clean.

Favorite winter nail polish color?
Pretty much any vampy shade! This winter I've really been liking dark reds, and I think that it has a lot to do with my pink and red month for February on my blog. That, and the fact that I'm lemming Chanel Malice super hardcore.

*What is your ultimate polish lemming?
The original Lynnderella Ribbon Candy. Her new version isn't quite the same, and I doubt I'll ever get my hands on one of those original bottles, but the lemming just won't quit. I also pinned a picture of it to pinterest that I go and stare at pretty frequently, so that might be part of the problem! haha!

*What's the most you've ever spent on one bottle of polish?
$25 on my Chanel polishes. I have two, but even $25 isn't as huge of a splurge as it used to sound. If I have an extra $25 and don't spend it on polish, it'll just be going towards lunch out or other luxury things anyway, so I don't see the harm in splurging it all one one big lemming sometimes!

*What polish in your collection have you worn the most?
OPI's Hopelessly In Love definitely has been worn the most! It's a really nice basic light pink that I like wearing. I really would like to replace it with one of the pinks from the OPI Ballet Collection simply because I love jellies a bit more than cremes.

If you like this tag and would like to do it too, please feel free to link to your tag post in my comment section, or fill out the questions and leave it as a comment! You can check out my video version of this tag below, and thanks for reading!

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