18 March 2013

Jindie Nails Snow Angels

So lately I've been starting to pay more attention to Indie brands and I've actually come across quite a few really gorgeous shades that are right up my alley! After seeing a basically perfect swatch of Jindie Nails Snow Angels I decided that I suddenly, desperately needed this polish in my life. So when her Etsy shop restocked I was quick as a whip and managed to snag a bottle for my collection. Snow Angels is a robin's egg turquoise crelly base with light pink circle glitter, three sizes of turquoise hexes, small very thin turquoise bar glitter (seems fairly rare, only showed up on one of ten nails), some various sizes of turquoise squares, and three sizes of white hexes. I have to say that I was most excited for the pink circle glitter mainly because I'm a sucker for pink and polka dots! If someone made a jelly with nothing but medium sized circle glitter I would be an incredibly happy girl.

My swatch is three to four dabbing style coats with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Poshe to top things off. A base of OPI Nail Envy provided a foundation for the polish.

Application on this polish was less than stellar. I've had to dab glitters before, but it was almost like there was too much glitter packed into a base that couldn't disperse it evenly. Not to mention that the glitter was so prominent that I had some trouble getting the base to look solid and even around the edges of my nails. Before top coat this polish looks a bit chunky and not the squishy jelly goodness I was hoping for. The base definitely leans more creme than jelly. I'm sure most of the issues could be fixed with a good bit of thinner (which I will do before I wear this again), but for now I'm glad that top coat covers a multitude of application sins. All that being said, there were a nice amount of larger glitters and I didn't have to fish to get a good variety of shapes and colors on the nails.

What indies have you managed to purchase recently? I snagged an Emily de Molly from the Llarowe restock and I can't wait to share it with you all! Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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