08 April 2013

Velvet and Gemstones: Nail Art and Review

This post contains products sent for review.

I have to admit that when the textured nail trend starting emerging, I wasn't a fan. I like the occasional 3D embellishment in nail art but for the most part I want my polish to feel smooth. It wasn't until Zoya came out with their Pixie Dust polishes that I actually started being suckered into this trend, and I figured a soft layer of flocking powder would be an easy way to coax myself into maybe purchasing some textured polishes. So when Born Pretty Store contacted me about some items to review, I requested this hot pink flocking powder. The product is called "Fun Flocking Powder Manicure Nail Art Nail Polish- Pink". It's not the baby pink color that the website image portrays; It's much closer to the purple pink color of OPI Passport and a Smile aka a repackage of Sparrow Me The Drama.

The powder itself comes in two clear plastic jars with black lids that seal very well. I feel confident that I won't have any spills of the product, which is nice. It also comes with a soft brush that you use to sweep away excess powder that can then be reused. I read a couple of tutorial posts before attempting to use it, and I didn't have any trouble following directions and getting great results! When you grab the powder with tweezers it tends to come in little clumps which I actually thought was much better than if the powder was fine and loose. This allows you to place several pockets of powder all over your nail quickly and easily once you've added top coat. I pressed the powder on the nail, let it dry for a few seconds, and then brushed away excess.

The amount of powder you receive from Born Pretty is extremely generous. The two jars I have will probably last way way past the lifespan of the velvet nails trend. Overall I'm enjoying the four flocked nails I've done for this nail art, and I'll definitely want to try having all ten nails flocked in the future. I haven't tried washing my hands or taking a shower yet at time of writing, but according to other bloggers it should hold up just fine for the longevity of the manicure. Okay, okay, onto the nail art!

I did another inspired by manicure simply because there are so many I've pinned on my nail pinterest board that I want to try! The inspiration manicure features some water decals of various graphics and one of "Brooke Candy", along with some fun 3D metal embellishments from Hex Nail Jewelry. Speaking of which, the source of the picture is from their instagram!

Of course the inspiration image is ten times more awesome than my resulting manicure, but I'm still practicing. MPNail's version is the perfect mix of sweet and edgy, and I love that. I'm also pretty sure she used Butter London Rosie Lee for her thumbs and pinkies, which I substituted with the flocking powder. I also initially had some awesome floral scrapbooking rub-ons that I was going to use for my middle nails but they didn't end up transferring very well.

For my base colors I used OPI Passport and a Smile, OPI Funny Bunny, and OPI Banana Bandana. All the gold outlining was done with Orly Luxe, and the white heart outline was done with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. The houndstooth was stamped with Essie Blue Rhapsody. All rhinestones, half pearls, and studs used were also from the Born Pretty Store. You can see my review on the rhinestones here, and my review of the studs here. You can also use the coupon code below to save 10% if you decide to make a purchase!

I think that if I try this manicure again I'd use the actual colors and products in the original. Mine came out very girly and sweet, which is nice but not exactly what I'd love it to be. Have you ever sourced a manicure and not been able to really do it justice? Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading!

This post contains products that were sent for review by Born Pretty Store. All opinions are my own honest reviews and the coupon code mentioned is not an affiliate link, nor are the links to the products themselves. I do not profit if you choose to use the coupon code or order from Born Pretty using any of the links provided. You can reference my disclaimer policy here

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