17 May 2013

Color Cues: Week 11

As I venture into my twenties, I find myself wanting to incorporate more and more color into my wardrobe. The downside is that I'm not one of the fortunate few twenty-one year olds with enough disposable income to expand and refine my current wardrobe on a whim! So I turn to nail polishes I already own to add some pizazz and color trends to my style and outfits. I'm also a total sucker for the Home Decor board on Pinterest, but I also can't re-decorate every few months so finding an image like the one below that appeals to both my personal style and decorating style kind of makes me giddy.

This image is laden with a gorgeous peach that stands out against a black and white print and gold accents. Peach is very definitely on my color radar right now and some of my favorite nail polishes are warm peachy pinks that are perfect for warm summer days.

I'm thinking a peach manicure with an accent nail of black and white leopard and gold ruffian. What elements from this picture are you drawn to? Do you gravitate towards the bold print or the shabby chic paint job on the chair? Are you inspired by the shape of the drawer pulls or maybe the contrast of the dark wood top to the peach paint job on the dresser? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Image Source: Brittany Makes

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