03 May 2013

Color Cues: Week 9

I've been trying to think of a way to resurrect my Color Cues series since it was one of my favorite things about my blog in the past. My favorite part of this feature was just being able to share some photos I've stumbled across throughout the week that have inspired me or made me want to think creatively. So here you go lovelies, a glimpse into my internet exploration.

Picture Source: TuulaVintage.

I found this hidden gem (hehe) on a fashion and wanderlust blog I stumbled across, and it features this gorgeous white peplum skirt with a bit of hidden sparkle. I truly suggest clicking the source and checking out the skirt in all it's glory if you're into pretty clothes and such.

This image also reminds me of a couple of Nail Swag's manicures she's showcased on Instagram, particularly this 'gemalicious' one and her 'emerald city' one as well. If I didn't have such long hair and could actually stand to have something that protrusive on my nails for long I would get them done in a heartbeat. For now they'll just be some drool-worthy inspiration.

I think I'll still evolve and grow this little project as time goes on, but I'd love your feedback to know if this was something you enjoyed reading or found some creative value in! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you were inspired by any of these images!

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