23 May 2013

Nail Art: Crackle, Glass Fleck, and a Pop!

I get a lot of inspiration for nail art when my own creativity is feeling lackluster, and I have to chalk this manicure idea up to this lovely lady's blog post. I absolutely love that she found a new way to make crackle gorgeous and interesting and I only wish I had all the colors of neon needed to really do her idea justice. I've found that my collection is lacking in a few areas, neons included! So instead of neons I used two of my China Glaze glass fleck polishes to create a subtle gradient over China Glaze White Lightning.

This is all over a base of OPI nail envy, and I used China Glaze 108 Degrees and Blue Iguana for the gradient. It felt a bit boring and plain with just the gradient alone, so I added some boldness by outlining part of the nail in black. It really added the punch I needed to love wearing this mani!

Do you like this new way of using crackle? Is there a nail trend that you still love even though it's no longer popular? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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