15 June 2013

Color Cues: Week 12

The images I'm going to feature today will probably be familiar to some of you, as I keep seeing them pop up on all kinds of blogs within the past few weeks. And you know, sometimes things are popular and get re-pinned and re-blogged and talked about because they're actually just that good.

The bright, poppy, and pure summer essence of Georgiana Paraschiv's fruit prints are undeniably fun and happy. And being that the weather in my area has been rather gloomy as of late I was really in need of an inspiration pick me up and these fruity patterns did the trick.

I'm my mother's child in that I adore and appreciate a good dose of color just as she does, so when I saw that I could have that pineapple print on a pillow suddenly I wanted it really, really badly. Luckily I also inherited my mother's sensibility of what is necessary and what isn't so I ultimately talked myself out of having a pillow that goes with absolutely nothing that I currently own. I do however own quite a bit of nail polish and now I'm tempted to get my pineapple or pomegranate print fix in the form of a very fun and bright accent nail.

Which of these patterns speaks to you the most? Are you leaning towards hot pink pineapples or coral and pink pomegranates? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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