07 June 2013

Talking It Out: Naked Nails

Sometimes it feels good to go nude. Naked nails, free-nailing it, finger streaking, whatever your favorite term for it is I've remained unpolished for this week. In all honestly part of it has to do with a burst of laziness last Thursday, and part of it is just because I didn't feel like wearing polish. 

I had a third "Kate Spade" design concept and the post was all pre-written for the most part, but I just couldn't garner up the motivation on Thursday to paint the design. I feel like this is something that isn't talked about a lot on blogs, but not all of us change our polish every day and sometimes I go days without posting because I haven't changed my polish or *gasp* I'm just not wearing any. I'm trying harder and harder to remind myself that this is just my hobby and I do it for myself, so I shouldn't feel guilty for skipping a day... but I still feel pretty guilty when two days or more go by and my blog hasn't been updated. 

So here I am, posting what my nails have honestly looked like for the past week. Over the past week I've been enjoying being polish free because it allowed me to admire my nail beds and cuticles, and just how much progress I've made since I started this hobby two years ago. Before my nail blog I was a serious cuticle biter; And I mean serious. It was my nervous habit and my hands weren't exactly something I was proud of. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon the world of nail blogs, but I remember being envious of the perfect, plump, happy cuticles that surrounded flawlessly long nail beds. And if I am anything I am stubborn. So, so massively stubborn. So I promised myself that I would have those gorgeous nails, and I haven't let myself down. 

I'm more proud than ever of my hands, and I'm more than willing to put my hand forward when someone asks what nail polish I'm wearing (Those are our blogger moments of 'proud parents'). The day that someone asked me if my nails were real or not (and then wouldn't believe me when I said they were) was a highlight. Well, I'll stop rambling and finally show you the picture! These are my nails, all nubbined up because that's my preferred length to wear them now that my nail beds are a decent length. Oh, and I also didn't moisturize before this picture because I was lazy but we'll say it's because I wanted some.. uh.. artistic honesty. Yeah, that'll do.

Tell me about your nail/cuticle journey, your proudest nail moment, or even just the invisible pressure of being a blogger. Whatever you want to talk about, I'll talk back. Let me know in the comments, and as always.. thanks for reading!

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