31 August 2013

September Kick-Off: Hand Creams and Lotions Comparisons and Reviews Month!

September has always been a month of new beginnings, mainly because I haven't been out of school for very long so I still associate it with the start of school and a clean slate. There's also the promise of a seasonal change in the weather, and if you're a Fall lover like me then you're just as excited as I am for light sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, holidays, and comfy boots!

Unfortunately cooler weather also means less humidity, which means it's harder for you to keep your hands and cuticles moisturized once the cold fronts move in. Lovely In Lacquer has you covered though! I'm kicking off the Fall season with a month of near-daily hand cream and lotion reviews!

This is a series I've had in the works for a while, and I'm excited to finally bring you the first cycle! This is a two part series reviewing over a dozen different hand creams that I've used and either loved or hated. There is a variety over different ingredients and price points, some drug store, some middle brand, and some expensive in the bunch. All of these hand creams and lotions were tested multiple times so that I made sure to get an accurate representation of their capabilities and effects.

Throughout the month of September I'll be posting reviews for hand lotions or creams that you can either find at the drugstore or at a mid-priced body product store that are under $3.00 per ounce. Every other day this month you'll get to read an in-depth and thorough review about a particular hand product.

I really hope you enjoy reading these posts and it helps you decide if some of these products are worth the money, or helps you find a new favorite hand lotion! Be sure to check out each post as it becomes available to see which hand creams excel and which ones flop! And when the month is over be sure to keep a look out for the second half of the series which features high end or expensive hand lotions and creams to see if they're really worth the money.

But don't worry; This is still a nail polish blog! So between hand cream review posts I'll be doing regular nail polish swatches and reviews, so get ready for a month of Lovely In Lacquer posts filling your blogger dashboard or reader!

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