01 September 2013

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Hand Cream Review

Product Name: Fresh Picked Hand Cream
Price: $5.00 for 2oz ($2.50 per ounce)
Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works
Main Moisturizing Ingredients: Shea Butter, Vitamin E
Available Fragrances: Strawberry, Tangerine, Apple, First Bloom, Sweet Clementine*, Farmstand Apple*, Heirloom Cranberries*
Additional Details: This product is not tested on animals.

(Since purchasing this particular product more varieties have been released that I have not tried. These are denoted with an asterisk!)

First Impression: It's packaged in a plastic tube that feels fairly substantial. I really like the vintage inspired packaging with the aged paper background, large and colorful fruit graphic, and gingham banners. The "stamp" on the front claims the product to be "Simple, Fresh, Good" which are all three adjectives that appeal to me. It has a black flip lid and as soon as you open it you can really smell the artificial candy strawberry scent!

Absorption Rate: The cream took approximately twenty seconds to rub into my hands, and felt completely absorbed within a minute. It could be that I only used a dime size amount, but I was impressed at how quickly it absorbed.

The strong fake strawberry scent softens slightly when it comes in contact with your skin, but it definitely lingers even after a few minutes. As for the hand cream itself, I really liked the texture! It has a thicker consistency that spreads easily without feeling watery or thin. My hands didn't look or feel oily or shiny after application, and I resumed my activities without worry that I would be leaving greasy fingerprints on everything I touched. My hands remained feeling moisturized for a decent amount of time. I didn't feel like it was anything spectacular in terms of all day moisture, but as a quick touchup or fix for dry hands it did the job well.

Purchase or Pass?: If you are someone who likes their hand cream to absorb very quickly without feeling greasy (for instance if you want a good hand cream to keep in your purse on the go) I would suggest you head to your local Bath and Body Works and try the sampler tubes they have on display. The fragrances in all four scents are pretty strong so if you're at all sensitive to heavy fragrance I would steer clear. I do feel I should mention that I've tried three out of four scents and the strawberry cream has a slightly different texture than the rest. Tangerine and Apple are slightly more viscous and less substantial. Being that strawberry is the only one I own I can't attest to differences in actual moisturization.

What do you think of this product? Is it something you've tried or are interested in trying? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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