24 September 2013

Bath and Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream Review

Product Name: Bath and Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream
Price: $5.00 for 2oz ($2.50 per ounce)
Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works
Main Moisturizing Ingredients: Shea Butter and Vitamin E
Available Fragrances: Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Strawberries, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, White Citrus, Sweet Pea

First Impression: I chose the Vanilla Buttercream scent, and I have to admit I was very drawn in by the delicious looking swirl of frosting on the packaging! I'm not usually a huge fan of sweet, bakery scented products but this particular fragrance is light and not overwhelming. I've previously purchased hand creams from Bath & Body Works so I'm curious to see if the formula and texture changes drastically between lines and fragrances.

Absorption Rate: The cream took approximately forty seconds to rub into my hands, and felt completely absorbed within one minute.

The texture is exactly what I love in a hand cream: on the thicker side but still creamy and soft. The Vanilla Buttercream scent turns almost floral once it's absorbed into my skin, but this could be due to a specific reaction to my skin or that my nose is still slightly stuffed up from a cold! As for the accuracy of the name of the fragrance this particular scent doesn't remind me of the soft, creamy, and light sugar scent of homemade buttercream but more of just a generic "frosting" type scent. Sweet, laden with vanilla, and sugary.

My hands felt moisturized and very soft with just a large pea sized amount of lotion, and I found that it spread easily and absorbed rapidly. This would be a perfect option for "on-the-go" lotion due to how fast it absorbs and how it doesn't leave any oily or greasy feeling at all.

Purchase or Pass?: With the variety of scents and the price point, I say this is a purchase! Head to your local Bath & Body Works and try out some testers to see how the scents react on your skin and if it's a good lotion for you!

What do you think of this product? Is it something you've tried or are interested in trying? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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