09 September 2013

Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams

I've never really understood the unspoken rule for bloggers that you're never allowed to post the same nail polish swatch twice; Or rather that it's "taboo" to do so. I wear my nail polishes multiple times, multiple ways. So readers, I'm posting a re-swatch of Deborah Lippmann's Sweet Dreams because it's my blog and I can do it if I want to! If you'd like to go visit my original swatch, feel free!

Sweet Dreams is a barbie pink, super squishy, super shiny jelly nail polish that is packed to the brim with red-orange-green flakes. It's opaque on it's own in four coats but I think part of the beauty of jellies is the depth that the transparency of fewer coats adds.

My manicure starts with a base of OPI Nail Envy followed by two coats of OPI Strawberry Margarita to provide a solid base. I then applied two coats of Sweet Dreams and topped everything off with NYC GCS.

Application was a dream, everything you would expect for a polish that costs $18! The formula was the perfect mix of jelly and flakies so that the distribution was even and smooth. Two coats give a rich depth filled with flakies.

I feel like I captured the glowing quality of the flakies a lot better in this second attempt. I had to try four or five different lighting options and angles, and it was a pain in the behind! Does anyone else have a notoriously difficult time photographing flakie polishes? Please tell me I'm not alone here!

Which Deborah Lippmann polishes do you own? What's your opinion on seeing "re-swatches" from bloggers? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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