16 September 2013

Essie A Crewed Interest

There's something about a good neutral or pastel colored nail that makes me instantly feel a bit more polished and sophisticated. I would definitely call this color an "Olivia Pope" color. If you watch Scandal at all you know her nails are always a beautiful oval shape with a neutral but not boring nail polish color. Perfectly put together and classy.

Nail polish is something that makes me feel very feminine and a soft peach color like Essie A Crewed Interest is definitely a grown up girly color. It's much too pink to be a mannequin hands shade for me, but the tones in the polish still flatter my skin tone. If you're a similar skin tone as I am and are looking for a professional but non-sheer color for a job interview or other business setting, I would suggest checking this one out in person!

My swatch is three coats. Two are thin with dry time in between, and the third was a bit thicker to help even things out. I'm wearing OPI Nail Envy underneath A Crewed Interest and I topped my manicure off with NYC Grand Central Station.

Application was about what I expected it to be; A little streaky due to the pastel nature of the polish, but patience and a few thin coats mixed with one thicker top coat helped to even things out. Surprisingly the polish wasn't as thick as other pastels. I found it to be just smooth enough to control easily and if it hadn't been for the slight streakiness this polish would have been ace.

How do your nail polish colors reflect your mood and personality? Do you have colors that make you feel feminine? Strong? Creative? Powerful? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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