02 September 2013

I'm Tickled Pink and Feeling 22!

Last month I celebrated my twenty-second birthday and did indeed dance around in my room to Taylor Swift's "22", because c'mon... When am I ever going to get that chance again? Exactly.

I also took myself and my mom to her Red Tour concert and had a complete and total blast enjoying every second of the show without having my hand stuck to a camera. I really wanted to focus on experiencing the concert so I sadly don't have any pictures to share here on the blog, but I'm glad I went "technology free" for the night and actually focused on living in the moment rather than trying to constantly document it.

Overall my birthday was fantastic and I'm so grateful for everything my family gave me as gifts and that I get to still spend my birthdays surrounded by loved ones. Any way, let's move past the sappy stuff and onto some nail polish stuff!

I really wanted a pink birthday cake this year, so I figured that matte bubblegum pink nails would be a perfect match for the confectionary color of the frosting. Unfortunately my stash is woefully short on shades of pink (something I fully plan to remedy!) so the only bubblegum shade I had was Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink.

Formula wise this polish was abysmal. It was runny, it was patchy, it was dragging, it was uneven, it was a complete and total nightmare! But thanks to all my practice as a blogger and painting my nails I managed to make it work but swore to purchase a decent bubblegum pink color in the near future. I used OPI Nail Envy as a base coat, Poshe to seal it all in, and Essie Matte About You to top things off.

Good news is that I'm completely smitten with the look of bubblegum pink nails and I fully plan on doing this manicure again in the near future!

What manicure did you do for your birthday this year, or which one are you planning on doing? What was the last concert you went to? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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