22 September 2013

Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream Review

Product Name: Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream
Price: $4.79 for 1.7oz ($2.81 per ounce)
Where to Buy: Drugstores
Main Moisturizing Ingredients: Provitamin B5, Glycerin
Available Fragrances: Unnamed light floral

First Impression: I had a $2 off coupon for a Nivea lotion at Walgreen's so I picked this hand cream up on a whim. The packaging is a nice size, and I was intrigued by the "48 Hour" claim on the front of the tube. There isn't a strong or discerning fragrance to the product, it's just kind of a fresh and clean scent. The product itself is a nice cream/gel hybrid texture.

Absorption Rate: The cream took approximately thirty seconds to rub into my hands, and felt completely absorbed within two minutes and thirty seconds.

I really enjoyed using this hand cream! It left my hands feeling super soft and moisturized without bombarding my senses with a strong fragrance. It's non-greasy but creates a barrier on my hands that keeps them moisturized and soft without any residue. As an overnight hand cream it does alright, but my hands feel slightly dry in the morning.

This product reminds me of an all time favorite hand cream, the Bath & Body Works Super Softening Paraffin "Look Ma, New Hands". The texture of the Nivea feels similar to the BBW, but as I'm currently out of the BBW hand cream I'll have to wait until I repurchase to truly compare the two!

To be honest I had no idea what "Provitamin B5" was even though the tube said that this hand cream was "infused with Provitamin B5, it provides up to 48 hours of continuous improvement for soft, smooth skin". So I did what anyone in the internet age would do and I googled it. Apparently it's pretty awesome stuff for moisturizers, and Simple Skin Care's website claims that it can "help to keep skin moist by absorbing moisture from the air". Ummmm... sure. I think I'll remain a little skeptic about the mystical humidity absorbing provitamin B5, but I do know that this Nivea hand cream it pretty awesome regardless.

Purchase or Pass?: This is a good daytime hand cream that you can find at your drugstore for under $5. I used a $2 Walgreen's coupon on mine, so if you have the "$2 off Nivea Body Lotion" mailer coupon it works on this hand cream! At either price it's a nice product to have in your purse so if you like a thicker hand cream you should try this one out.

What do you think of this product? Is it something you've tried or are interested in trying? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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