04 September 2013

OPI My Big Break

Nail bloggers aren't shy to admit that we all have polishes that we've purchased weeks, months, even years ago that still haven't graced our nails or our blogs. But every once in a while you come across an untried, decide to wear it, and have that "Why on Earth didn't I try this sooner?!" moment that's usually accompanied by a few minutes of admiring your now gorgeously painted nails.

I recently had one of those very moments when I selected OPI's My Big Break to wear. I purchased this bottle about two years ago and had yet to even open it and get a better look. I'll admit, I purchased it for the thrill of the black lettering on the label, and the interesting swirl of separated pigment that was gathered at the bottom of the bottle.

However with the first stroke of polish on my nail I was instantly shocked at just how pretty this color was... and it was purple! Purple! My favorite of all the colors and I had been neglecting this poor, beautiful bottle thinking it was some muddy mauve shade. I have never been so gleefully wrong.

My swatch is three coats of My Big Break, followed by one coat of NYC GCS as top coat. I used Orly Bonder for a base coat. The color was opaque in two coats but the third really deepened the color and added a stronger blue flash so I'm glad I went with it!

My Big Break is a smokey red-violet that is packed with multi-colored shimmer and has a vibrant and prominent blue flash. It borderlines frost but never quite crosses over, and skirts the line of mauve and ends up being closer to a light plum. Overall the color itself reads as a purple and really shines in the sunlight.

Application was a dream thanks to the good ol' black label chemicals, and my swatch is without cleanup! Yup, it was that easy to direct on the nail and get a smooth curve by the cuticle.

What previously untried gems have you found in your stash lately? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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