01 October 2013

Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

I can't help but feel a little braggy that I own this polish, mostly because I majorly hustled butt and typed my little fingers off during a cutthroat indie restock a few months ago! There's a certain sense of accomplishment when you successfully navigate a popular brand restock, and I feel like there should be a congratulatory cookie in the package when it arrives for your achievements.

Alas, my package arrived sans cookie but did have a perfectly gorgeous bottle of Emily de Molly's Cosmic Forces inside! Being a major purple polish lover I swooned and savored that little bottle. So much in fact that I've pretty much refused to use a drop until this manicure. Why is it when you acquire a serious lemming that it also comes with a need to hoard the bottle forever?

This lovely little bottle of lacquer is a rare bird, where everything in it just seems to work. You know how some indies are pretty, and some are gorgeous, but then there are those that just seem like every detail has been perfectly curated and it all just blends together effortlessly? Yup, this polish is one of the latter.

Now that fall is approaching I figured it was a perfect time to use this rich, dark, red-violet purple jelly polish. It's filled to the brim with various sizes of lavender and hot pink hex and circle glitters including some extra large holo circles that are darn near impossible to get out of the bottle. I fished and fished (and even left the bottle upside down overnight) but couldn't get a single one! Humph.

This is three coats of Cosmic Forces. The jelly base applied beautifully, and the smaller glitters didn't require much special placement at all. There is so much gorgeous depth and sparkle to this nail lacquer and I'm so glad I stopped ooh-ing over the bottle and actually wore it.

What hard to get Indie polish are you currently swooning over? Do you ever not wear a polish because you love it so much? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Update: I know I missed the last three days in September, and that's because the package being shipped to me with the last two lotions for review arrived today, a whopping five days past it's estimated delivery day. Which has thrown off my September schedule, and been incredibly frustrating since it made me miss my deadline by 24 hours. As soon as I have a chance to truly test the lotions those reviews will be up! Apologies, sometimes things are out of your control.

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