03 December 2013

Dollish Polish Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake

It's a rare day when I throw on a blue nail polish. Not because they're not gorgeous, but because I feel like it takes a certain amount of confidence and personality to proudly wear blue nails. Many a lovely lady on the Makeup Alley nail board are self-proclaimed lovers of blue nail polish, and I figured that if it has created a fandom of it's own I should probably add a few more blue polishes to my collection.

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake was part of Dollish Polish's 2013 Halloween collection, and is named after Friday the 13th. Even though I've never seen the movie (I'm not one for horror films) I can still strictly appreciate this polish for the crystal blue-green jelly that it is.

This teal leaning blue jelly is packed with various blue, teal, and silver hexes while also having large circle glitters. My swatch if five thin coats of Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake on it's own. Let's just say that while the formula was great, I'll definitely be layering this polish in the future! I didn't manage to fish out any of the large circles even with lots of finagling and twisting, turning, and upending the bottle. I was rather disappointed, but upon reading other blogger's reviews I'm going to blame it on the fact that my bottle is a mini rather than a full-size, so that's probably the main factor.

This polish is a stunner! When the light hits it the glitters sparkle and glimmer and it's truly beautiful. If you love blue nail polish you may need to add this one to your collection. I can't seem to find it on Dollish Polish's website at time of publishing, but you might have luck in blog sales!

Do you frequently wear blue nail polish, or is it a color you wear when you need an extra boost? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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