31 December 2013

Nails Inc. Trafalgar Crescent

Happy New Year's Eve my lacquered lovelies! Whether you're counting down with friends or watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch, I hope you have a great night and usher in a new year filled with possibilities and change!

My New Year's Eve manicure comes courtesy of a Christmas present: The Nails Inc. Cracker Collection. It came with six gorgeous Nails Inc. shades including the very coveted Baker's Street which I'm looking forward to wearing. The shade I chose for my manicure is Trafalgar Crescent, a "Galaxy" polish that's brimming with small and medium silver holographic hex glitters. All this glitter is suspended in a clear base with lots of iridescent blue-purple shimmer.

Even at three coats this polish has a lot of VNL, and I doubt it would reach opacity with a reasonable amount of layers. Next time I think I'll layer it over a deep purple or perhaps a pale lilac. The shimmer in this polish borders frosty but thankfully isn't opaque enough to obscure or ruin the reflection of the glitter. This swatch is layered with Nail Pattern Boldness's Glitter A-Peel base coat, Gelous as a top coat, and NYC Grand Central Station as a final layer.

What nail polish is gracing your tips for NYE? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. What a pretty glitter! Makes your nails so sparkly which I love! ;)

    1. Super sparkly! Especially when I took them outside with snow on the ground!


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