28 January 2014

A Week of Cheek: Cheeky Monkey's Spank Me

Welcome to the second post in my "Week of Cheek" featuring Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics. Today I'm bringing you another nail polish swatch (surprise surprise, right?) and this one is sure to shake off any winter blues you may be feeling!

I always find that wearing a bright or neon nail color on a dull day lifts my mood, and Cheeky Monkey's Spank Me was no exception. Although not being a true freshly-spanked-pink, this cheerful coral leaning orange is vibrant and pigmented. My swatch is two thin coats of Spank Me over base coat and with a layer of top coat.

I had to color correct this swatch quite a bit since it kept photographing very pink/coral when in reality it's a rich orange-coral. I've done the best I can to make this image color accurate on my monitor.

I was happily able to continue being impressed with Cheeky Monkey's polish formula, as Spank Me went on smoothly and evenly. It had good opacity at one coat but a second coat improved it greatly. Although not as fantastic as Tease's formula, Spank Me held it's own and is still very impressive for such a bright color.

The brush on this bottle had a wonky hair but it didn't really impede my ability to polish. The lacquer was easy to move with the brush, and the bristles fanned out easily while still allowing a stable result.

If you want to know more about Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics as a brand and the formula, be sure to check out Sunday's swatch of Tease. I included formulation information along with a tidbit of background about the company.

And to continue with my theme I will leave you with the little tidbit of cheeky wisdom that came with my bottle of Spank Me nail lacquer. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great orange shade!! Love how vibrant it is :)


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