26 January 2014

A Week of Cheek: Cheeky Monkey's Tease

Greetings fellow lacquer lovers! I have some very fun swatches to bring to you courtesy of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics. I'll be posting a total of four swatches from this brand this week so you'll have to check back to see all the fun colors and reviews.

I hadn't heard of Cheeky Monkey before they contacted me, so I figured some of you might not have heard of this sassy brand either. As a quick run-down Cheeky Monkey was founded by Andrea Pahn, who was fed up with boring nails and decided to create her own cheeky brand of polishes. And I'd say that with shimmering metallics, neon jellies, and sultry reds with names like "Blue Room Ball Buster", "I Like It On Top", and "Filthy Madame", she definitely succeeded in creating a brand with big personality. Cheeky Monkey nail lacquers are also free of formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, camphor, and parabens, which ultimately makes them "5-Free" on par with larger brands such as Zoya and Butter London. They're also cruelty free, so you can feel good about the products you're wearing. So there you have it! Cheeky Monkey nail polish 101 complete.

The first shade I'm going to share with you is a soft lilac shade named Tease. They recommend using a sticky base coat, applying in thin layers, and allowing the polish to dry between coats so that's what I've done for all the swatches from this brand. This is two coats of Tease with base coat and top coat.

As for formula... holy macaroni you guys. The entire time I was applying this polish it challenged everything I thought I knew about the formula for pastels (especially pastel purples, which I own several of). The formula was smooth, self-leveling, and effortless to apply. The whole time I kept thinking about how you all would think I was exaggerating or lying about how good it was, but it's seriously the best pastel formula I've ever tried. It also makes me kind of angry that other brands have been cheaping out on us with crappy pastel formulas when something this nice is achievable! Okay, okay, I'll stop gushing now and get on to the other details.

The brush on this polish had flexible bristles that fanned out easily over the nail. The brush was a good width for multiple nail bed sizes and was easy to control when coated with polish. As for the pigmentation it only took two coats, and could have been a one-coater had I applied it slightly thicker.

If you want even more cheeky fun there are drink pairings for each shade in the Cheeky Cosmetics line on the official website. I'm personally not a fan of vodka so I wasn't able to make the coordinating drinks to go with the shades I picked for review, but if you happen to have a larger liquor taste range than me and want to shake up your evening (responsibly and legally of course!) I highly recommend clicking the above link for some new recipe ideas!

And with that I will leave you with the little tidbit of cheeky wisdom that came with my bottle of Tease nail lacquer. Thanks for reading!


  1. Such a nice soft purple! And I totally know what you're talking about.... I have soooo many streaky pastels... especially yellows and blues... sooo frustrating!


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