17 February 2014

Wingdust Muskoka Sunset

I've accumulated quite a few gorgeous indie glitters, but being that I (like most of nail polish wearers) loathe glitter removal I've mostly resigned them to being pretty colors that I gaze at in the bottle. Well, no more! I've decided that if I'm spending money on polish it should be worn, so I'm starting a marathon of indie glitters until all of my colors have been used at least once.

Starting off this journey is Wingdust Collection's Muskoka Sunset. This is a stunning purple based polish that is loaded with various sizes, colors, and finishes of glitters. It's all suspended in a jelly base with some slight blue micro-shimmer. My swatch is two coats of Muskoka Sunset layered over two coats of OPI's Funkey Dunkey.

Unlike other polishes I've purchased, this one actually delivers on glitter payoff for the larger sizes. I managed to get five of the largest holographic circle glitters on five of my nails without any major fishing. This polish is seriously packed with glitter, so you don't have to worry about not having enough on your nails. If I have to say a downside though it's definitely that sometimes I was frustrated that there was too much glitter and not enough base. I'm glad I layered this polish or else it could have looked very lumpy very quickly.

I'm so happy to be swatching again! I had a very bad break on my swatching hand pinky nail, and it seriously discouraged me from posting. Luckily it's grown out enough to have a decent shape again so I'm back at it. I'm sure all my fellow bloggers can understand how devastating a bad swatch-hand nail break can be.

What indie glitters are in your collection that remain untried, even though you love them? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. What a pretty color! Love the glitter variety in here :)

    1. It's kind of amazing how many shapes and sizes can be packed into one polish by a good indie maker!

  2. That is so pretty! It reminds me of Daphne from Scooby Doo with the orange and purple. :)

    I actually don't have ANY indy polishes...I'm an indy noob! But I do have a pretty big wishlist. I just don't really know where to start....LOL

    1. Oh my gosh, you're so right! Now I'll be thinking of Daphne every time I pick this bottle up haha! I'm kind of an indie noob myself.. I've only scratched the surface and I'm learning about new brands every day. Following nail enthusiasts and swatchers on Instagram has really helped me get into indies and find some gorgeous colors.


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