26 March 2014

Dollish Polish I'll Swallow Your Soul

Oh, let me sing the praises of mini bottles from indie polish makers! For the occasional glitter wearer like me, the smaller bottle size allows me to purchase multiple colors without worry that I'm never going to go through an entire bottle.

The polish I'll be showing you today is one I picked up from the Dollish Polish 2013 Halloween Frights Collection. It's a collection based on classic horror films, most of which I haven't seen! I'm not much of a scary movie buff so I wasn't sure of the connection that this polish name had to it's film counterpart. Luckily the internet is a thing so I was able to quickly google and find out.

I'll Swallow Your Soul is inspired by The Evil Dead franchise, of which I have no plans to see because it sounds scary and I don't enjoy being scared! Lucky for me enjoying this polish isn't dependent upon enjoying it's inspiration, so I'm free to appreciate it.

The first thing I noticed about I'll Swallow Your Soul is the mixture of gold and orange glitter shards. They're accompanied by orange and gold micro glitter, and all suspended in a dark brownish-black base color. My swatch is two coats with base and top coat.

The formula on this polish was easy to use and I didn't have any major issues with getting a smooth cuticle line or controlling where the polish went on the nail. While this color may have a good technical application, the elements of the formula itself felt lack luster to me. The too-dark base hid the gorgeous glitter variety that clings to the glass sides of the bottle, and ultimately this polish fell kind of flat in photographs.

You can see the glitter more easily in person but it's still hidden in a dark base. I think I would have rather had a less opaque and medium brown base color to let the glitter shine through, because then you could have layered it over a dark base if you chose to do so. While it's a pretty polish in theory, it's not getting much love from me.

Are you a fraidy cat like me when it comes to horror flicks, or do you enjoy being terrified? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. Its pretty and I like how subtle the glitter is showing through the black base.

  2. I hate scary movies!!!! I've never liked them!


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