12 March 2014

Hare Polish Anemone Gardens

Back on my indie glitter kick I'm bring you how I wore Hare Polish's Anemone Gardens. I was lucky enough to receive this as a Christmas gift from my sister and I'm happy to be wearing it for the first time.

Anemone Gardens is part of the Jackalopes series by Hare, which is a collection of polish odds and ends that never quite fit into formal collections but are still beautiful and unique. Anemone Gardens is made up of fuchsia, peridot, and cerulean blue glitters. It's a mix of circles, squares, hexes, and micro-glitters that create a rich depth and variety, all suspended in a sheer purple jelly base.

My swatch is two coats of China Glaze First Mate as a base color, topped with three coats of Anemone Gardens. Everything is finished with a layer of top coat since Anemone Gardens dries semi-matte on it's own. I absolutely love this layering choice and I'm proud of myself for branching out from a purple creme which was my first instinct.

The brush that Hare Polish uses is one of my favorites, as it's flexible and just the right width to bridge the gap between small and wide nail beds. The clear bristles let you see exactly how much glitter you have on the brush.

The general formula of Anemone Gardens is fantastic; You're able to easily get all of the various glitter sizes while still maintaining a good base to glitter ratio. If I had one complaint about the formula it would be that it dries a tad too fast to accurate move glitters around for better placement on the nail. The polish is dry before you can move the larger circles to better locations, and you end up picking up previous layers of polish.

Overall I've never been disappointed with a Hare Polish purchase and Anemone Gardens is no exception! It's a high quality polish at a reasonable price.

Have you worn Anemone Gardens? Do you wish more indies would embrace the "Jackalope" concept and release individual polishes? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


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