30 April 2014

Essie Cantaloupe

I'll admit, I have a deep affection for the J. Crew aesthetic. I'm constantly browsing the site, getting email updates, and I always stop into the store when I'm at the mall. My sister is hands down the more fashion forward of our pair, and she is always curating a specific look to her entire wardrobe which I admire. This includes her very selective choices in nail color, unlike myself who just buys every color I'm in love with (obviously).

Essie Cantaloupe is a color I snagged from my sister's small collection and I have to say that I'm smitten. It's the perfect "J. Crew-esque" warm weather shade with it's terra cotta pink color. Cantaloupe is sure to be in much heavier rotation on my nails this spring since I now know she has it! My swatch is shown with base and top coat.

Cantaloupe's formula was fantastic, applying evenly and smoothly in just two coats with minimal clean-up required. I'm still hunting for the perfect color to wear on my beach vacation this summer, and Cantaloupe's effortlessly classy, chic, and fun hue has definitely earned a spot for final consideration.

What's your favorite store to shop at? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. This is one of my all time favorite Essie colors! I love it's peachy meloney goodness :D

  2. What a lovely peachy shade! It looks so juicy like a fruit too.


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