04 April 2014

Knits and Glitter: SammyDress Review

If you've been on Pinterest for any amount of time you're sure to have come across at least one or two (or a thousand) pins about wholesale clothing websites. Being that I peruse pinterest for all kinds of inspiration I've checked out a few of these sites but always end up leaving because I'm never sure if they're legit or good quality.

I was recently contacted by a representative of SammyDress.com, which is one of these wholesale women's clothing websites. They asked to send me a complimentary product sample and out of curiosity I accepted. I figured that I had a great platform to talk to my readers about my experience and either debunk or confirm the too-good-to-be-true prices of these websites!

I decided on a graphic black and white sweater with an interesting neckline because it reminded me of the ever popular laser tape manicures that are both bold and easy to create. Being that it's still winter temperatures where I live I've already gotten a fair bit of use out of this sweater, and I've worn it enough to do an accurate review.

The sweater itself is soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. The quality is similar to what you would find at fast fashion stores like Forever 21. The sizing on the website can be slightly confusing since a lot of items are "one size", but if you know your measurements you can accurately gauge which size you require or if the "one size" is going to fit your shape.

There are a lot of cute clothing items on the SammyDress website, and the prices are extremely low. With that said I think that if you're looking for a cute statement necklace or a one season trendy piece this is a perfect avenue. I love the sweater I received and I definitely think it's priced right for the quality and material.

On to the nails I matched with this sweater: I used two coats of OPI Metallic 4 Life on my index, middle, and pinky nails. I then used tape and China Glaze Liquid Leather to create a negative space 'laser stripe' accent nail. I really like the way the silver glitter plays off the black and white knitting of the sweater.

Now, I feel like it's my duty as an honest blogger to share some information I came across when SammyDress was brought up in one of the blogging groups I'm a part of. Apparently there are quite a few negative reviews of the company because of items not being delivered correctly or the wrong items being received.

I can only speak from my personal experience (in which my personal money was not involved) in saying that my interactions with the representative were easy, had clear communication, and the item was shipped to me quickly and without issue. Of course I will always advise you to proceed as you see fit after doing your own web browsing for information.

What do you think of this matching manicure? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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  1. That's a cute sweater and I love the nails you did for it. Great review!


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