26 April 2014

Lilla Smalto 15

Happy weekend my lovely readers! I hope all of you who also occupy North America are having a beautiful spring day, and those of you who come from all over the world, I hope you're having blue skies and sunshine no matter the season. Today I'm swatching the second of my trio of Lilla polishes!

Smalto 15 is a gorgeous silvery gray polish that can best be described as the silver sister to Essence Irreplaceable. The entire time I was polishing my nails along with after the polish had dried, I couldn't help but draw similarities in the shimmers of the two colors. There is something luminescent and dainty about this gray polish that pushes it to a new level and left me feeling like my nails looked very sophisticated and subtle but not boring.

My swatch is three coats of Smalto 15 along with base and top coat. The formula was thin but easy to work with, and I would probably layer it over a gray base like Zoya Dove next time to conserve polish since the bottle is so small.

Upon removal this color will definitely leave your cuticles shimmery, so use a manicure scrub afterwards to clean up and remove any excess sparkle!

What do you think of Lilla Smalto 15? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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